• Reduced Liability
    Reduced Liability

    Using wastes as alternative fuels in cement kilns is the EPA’s highest rated and approved technology for energy bearing wastes. Cement kilns have the highest waste destruction rates at above 99.999%. Wastes are destroyed most effectively in cement kilns because they are exposed to temperatures above 2600°F and with long residence times. This combination means all the waste is used as energy and there is no waste left as residual ash being sent to landfill. Cement kilns are the preferred thermal treatment process for recovering energy from carbon rich industrial wastes.

  • Waste as Energy
    Waste as Energy

    We do more than dispose of your waste ... we put it to work as energy to make cement. Cadence developed the use of Chem-Fuel® using industrial wastes to replace the use of non-renewable resources as fuels for use in cement kilns. We’ve been identifying carbon-rich wastes to use in our Chem-Fuel° program since 1975. We now supply almost 200,000 tons of coal replacement fuels annually to the cement industry with primary supply to Ash Grove Cement.

  • Cost-Effective Disposal
    Cost-Effective Disposal

    Ash Grove and Cadence have more than 35 years’ experience working exclusively together and constantly developing our hazardous waste-derived fuel operations. The two fully-permitted RCRA Part B hazardous waste combustors are centrally located in Foreman, Arkansas and Chanute, Kansas. Using wastes as fuels is good for our environment and makes the US cement manufacturers more competitive by reducing their operational cost. Our joint experience, plant locations, and technology makes us the most efficient and lowest cost option to our customers.

  • Conserve Resources
    Conserve Resources

    Your waste will NOT be wasted. Our sustainable practices uses the carbon content in waste to replace non-renewable fossil fuels. One ton of waste on average replaces one ton of coal used to heat the kiln. Cadences aids in the conservation of 125,000 tons of coal annually. Together both Cadence and Ash Grove Cement have reduced coal usage by over 3 million tons since 1986 when we began working together.

  • Industry Leader
    Industry Leader

    Cadence has 45 years of waste-derived fuels experience. We were the first to use liquid industrial waste in cement kilns as an alternative energy source. Our leadership pioneered the use of alternative fuels and has been involved in developing this industry since the 1960s. Since exclusively joining forces with Ash Grove Cement in 1986, Cadence is and has been the exclusive supplier of hazardous waste derived fuels to Ash Grove Cement since 1986.

Cadence Environmental Energy was the first to provide industrial wastes to cement kilns.

Putting Waste to Work

We've been supplying cement kilns with energy bearing wastes for 45 years. Cadence and our customers have conserved over 3 million tons of fossil fuels. That's what we mean when we say "Putting Waste to Work" and preserving our natural resources.


Why do many waste generators trust Cadence for their disposal needs?

45 years of industry experience

and an exclusive, long-term relationship with Ash Grove Cement. Together, we are continually improving methods and technologies to stay at the forefront of the energy recovery process. We work hard to keep your costs low while providing the best, most complete waste disposal service in the industry at Ash Grove Cement kilns.



Cadence Environmental Energy - 45 Year Anniversary


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