Energy Recovery

Cement Kilns are the ONLY thermal treatment option that uses all the waste as energy becoming a part of the final clinker product. This means no residual ash. No longterm liabilities having your waste in landfills.


EPA’s Waste Hierarchy


energy-iconWaste Avoidance

energy-icon2Waste Minimization

energy-icon3Material Reuse

energy-icon-4Energy Recovery

energy-icon-5Waste To Energy


thermal-desorption2Thermal Desorption


unmanaged-waste2Unmanaged Waste



Cadence and Ash Grove Cement developed the waste derived fuel specifications for Chem-Fuel®. Both the Foreman, Arkansas and Chanute, Kansas permitted facilities receive bulk shipments of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in liquid, sludge, or solid form. This means that more generators from a variety of industries can take advantage of Chem-Fuel's® environmental and economic benefits.


1. Low cost

Ash Grove and Cadence have more than 35 years of experience managing waste fuels. Our experience and efficiency saves you time and money.

2. Conserves Resources

Every ton of industrial waste used in cement kilns conserves our nation’s non-renewable energy sources like coal, petcoke, and natural gas. Keeping these fossil fuels in the ground and keeping industrial wastes out the ground is good for our environment.

3. Productive Use

We believe waste should not be wasted. Cement kiln energy recovery uses every component in waste to produce the world's most important building product...cement.

4. Gone For Good

Cement kiln energy recovery uses waste to produce cement. High internal temperatures mean there is nothing left over to landfill. Your waste and liabilities are GONE FOR GOOD!


Not all wastes have carbon and are energy bearing wastes. In fact a high majority of industrial wastes have little to no energy value and cannot be used as fuels in cement kilns. Cadence has business relationships with other hazardous wastes combustors to manage those wastes. Our primary focus is finding energy bearing wastes for cement kilns; however, we also have relationships to help our customers with the non-energy bearing wastes as well. Whatever hazardous wastes your facility generates, Cadence can offer you a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution.


Thermal Desorption




In 1975, Cadence was the first to use carbon-rich waste as fuel in cement kilns. Today, this fuel, called Chem-Fuel®, has helped industries both large and small manage their hazardous wastes and their sustainability guidelines.

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