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Ted. J. Reese

Founder and Chairman of the Board

In 1975, Ted J. Reese founded Cadence Chemical Resources built on an idea and need to more effectively use industrial hazardous wastes as fuels in industrial furnaces. The technology started with the steel industry then transitioned over to cement kilns. After supplying many cement kilns in the Midwest regions of the United States, Cadence formed an exclusive relationship with Ash Grove Cement in 1986. The result has conserved millions of tons of coal and other nonrenewable fossil fuels in the Cement Industry. In addition, American manufacturers have the most environmentally viable option in managing their wastes.

Ted's idea became the backbone of Cadence which now operates as Cadence Environmental Energy. Ted J. continues to serve as Chairman of the Board and remains engaged in the company operations. His background as a chemical engineer helped develop the company and its innovative technologies culminating with over 20 worldwide patents.

(936) 242-1008

Ted T. Reese

President and Chief Executive Officer
Been with Cadence since 2001

Ted T. Reese is the President and CEO for Cadence Environmental Energy, Inc. Cadence is entering its 46th year in business and has worked exclusively with Ash Grove Cement for 35 years. Ted will celebrate his 20th year at Cadence in September 2021.

Ted's first seven years with Cadence, were on the waste fuel supply side of the business culminating in his role as National Sales Director responsible for sourcing over 150,000 tons annually of alternative fuels. Starting in 2009, Ted led the sales and marketing efforts of Cadence's innovative combustion technology products which are now operating in over ten countries. Before being promoted to his current role in 2019, Ted was the Chief Business Development Officer for Cadence. Ted graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and now resides in The Woodlands, Texas just North of Houston.

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Tom Lane

Been with Cadence since 1991

Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and has been a part of the Cadence family for 30 years.

Tom spends his personal time doing various activities with his wife, three sons and grandson.

(936) 242-1008

Ken Derksen

Been with Cadence since 1987

Ken joined the Cadence family in 1987, when Ash Grove's demand for ChemFuel® was steadily increasing. Growing up, Ken worked on his family's farm, and has implemented that knowledge and management experience to help Cadence grow. He is a a man with a plan, and a perfect example of someone who digs in, works hard, stays loyal and continues to educate himself. His efforts earned him the role of Vice President, where he has been well-respected from fellow employees and industry leaders throughout the nation.

Whatever the task, count on Ken to do it right. He delivers every time. Year after year, he has helped the Cadence/AshGrove relationship continue to grow and thrive. With his leadership and dedication, Cadence's future will be bright.

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Cadence Corporate Offices

Cadence Environmental Energy
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Cadence Environmental Energy
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Foreman Laboratory

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Chanute Laboratory

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