Cadence Environmental Energy turns your waste into 3 forms of fuel. All three make perfect alternative fuels for Ash Grove.


Some wastes, such as separation sludge, DAF float, slop oil emulsion, heat exchanger bundle sludge, and storage tank sediments are ideal for our exclusive KalcinerDirect® process. We can send "kiln-ready" wastes like these straight to an Ash Grove Cement kiln for energy recovery.

KalcinerDirect® is the nation's leading refinery waste disposal option. Pumpable sludges and solids are eligible to go directly to the advanced "downdraft" calcined on Ash Grove's kiln where it is completely destroyed in seconds.

The calciner burns this waste to power it's advanced cement kiln, which was specially designed for refinery sludges and solids. Our KalcinerDirect® system can take up to ten boxes of roll-offs and vac boxes per day. This allows us to offer an RCRA clean turnaround that takes less than two hours.

This direct truck-to-calciner process cuts even more steps from the process, reducing your liability all the more.
Cement kiln energy recovery is the BEST thermal option for your wastes. You waste is exposed to higher temperatures for longer times than in any other thermal treatment option. You waste us beneficially used and no trace is left behind.

Direct-to-kiln fuels give waste generators added convenience and cost-generating efficiency. And because the Ash Grove kiln is one of the most advanced cement kilns in the nation, we can guarantee that 100% of your waste will be Gone for good!


Some liquid waste is not kiln-ready. When this happens, we send it on to anyone of our TSDF processing facilities when it is blended into Chem-Fuel®.

Chem-Fuel. Good for the industry. Good for the environment.

No matter what hazardous wastes your facility generates, Cadence can offer a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution.

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