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Our rail services address your waste management
at both ends of the supply chain.


We can assist your hazardous waste transportation efforts by having our chemists complete the waste profile EPA regulations require. One of our chemists, or one of our partner chemists, can complete the profile before your first trainful of waste leaves for our facility in Kansas.

Our super-fast lab turnaround times are extremely helpful here, allowing you to get hazardous waste trains on their way faster. It also tells us both whether your materials are compatible with our process, and thus legal for us to accept.

Our profiles are all completed in accordance with EPA regulations and provide all the information you need to transport your waste safely. And as long as you continue to transport the same waste, you can use this hazardous waste profile for multiple trips.

We recommend that you consider ordering waste profiles on an annual basis to make sure they are accurate. As processes evolve, waste profiles change.



Why offer rail cleaning and waste profiling services?

Because we're committed to not only eliminating waste but your liability as well. And both RCRA and DOT regulations require it. We're also committed to maintaining rail as an option for transport whenever it's convenient and safe for our customers.
That's why we have a special railcar cleaning facility at Ash Grove Clement in Chanute, Kansas.
It is uncommon to unload all the materials without leaving some traces of material on the interior of the railcar, both on the bottom of the tank, and on the sides.

We offer two options for cleaning and compliance. Both come with Cadence's guarantee of super-fast turnaround. That means your railcars can get back in service quickly.

At this service level, we clean the railcar to conform to RCRA empty-standards. Our level 2 deep clean is even more intense. We clean railcars to conform with DOT empty standards.

Our advanced high-pressure cleaning system allows us to dispose of even trace waste in your railcar. It will go into the kiln, just like all the rest of your waste.

Of course, it's not all about the equipment. It's about the professionals, too. We have an experienced, professional team who are experts at removing petroleum solids and hardened contaminated materials. We can also dispose of hardened sludgy material residue, or the residue from higher-hazard, off-spec chemicals.

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