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Cradle-to-Grave Waste Management and Disposal Solutions

When your waste enters our system, you can relax and forget it. Its gone for good!

You hire us to pick it up. We turn it into sustainable fuel and use it almost immediately. This means, no additional liability, no juggling multiple vendors, and lower costs.

In 1975, Cadence was the first to use carbon-rich waste as fuel in cement kilns. Today, this fuel, called Chem-Fuel®, has helped industries both large and small manage their hazardous wastes and their sustainability guidelines.

The method is cost-effective, sustainable, and final. We have multiple effective programs for a variety of alternative fuels.

Because Chem-Fuel replaces coal and other fossil fuels, these non-renewable resources can stay in the ground.


Thanks to Cadence's innovative technologies, we can use Chem-Fuel in many forms, from solid to liquid, and virtually everything in between. This means that more generators from a variety of industries can take advantage of Chem-Fuel's environmental and economic benefits.

We convert the wastes your work flow produces every day into beneficial energy. Instead of disposing of this waste, we turn it into Chem-Fuel, which heats kilns and blast furnaces serving the cement industry.

This waste includes but is not limited to refinery waste, paint solvents, inks, and cleaning solvents. It also includes non-hazardous solid wastes like tires, carpet, plastics, paper, and fabrics.

Advanced, Cost-Effective Disposal Near You


Wherever you are located, our nationwide network of Cadence-approved fuel blenders is ready to work with you. These full service TSDF fuel blenders are fully qualified to handle your waste.

Our network can accept your waste in any amount, and in the way that's most convenient to you. This includes rail, bulk, roll-offs, and/or drums.

Most fuel blenders in the Cadence network are located close to major manufacturing centers throughout the country. That means wherever you are, there will be an experienced Cadence network fuel blender near by processor close by.

TSDF Fuel Blenders accept a wide variety of BTU-rich, carbon-rich waste. All that is required is the waste be greater than 5,000 BTUs/pound.

Ash Grove facilities in Arkansas and Kansas have been running waste-derived fuel operations for nearly four decades. Each cement plant provides the ideal location to use your waste as Chem-Fuel in the making of cement.



Cadence team members work with your company to identify which hazardous wastes streams can be included in the Chem-Fuel program. We have our own in-house state-of-the-art laboratories in both Arkansas and Kansas.

We've equipped both labs with the latest technology, and we've staffed it with fully trained professional chemists. This allows us to test your materials accurately and quickly.

Every day, our professional team performs a variety of complex analysis protocols. We run the following tests:

//cadenceenviron.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/icon-1.pngInductively Coupled Plasma Metal Analysis

An Atomic Absorption Mercury Analysis

PCB Analysis

A Volatile and Semivolatile Organic Analysis

Chloride Titration

Karl Fischer Moisture Tests

Parr Bomb BTU Content Tests

Parr Bomb BTU Content Tests

pH Levels

Radioactivity Analysis

We offer full and fast waste profiling services, too.

At this service level, we clean the railcar to conform to RCRA empty-standards. Our level 2 deep clean is even more intense. We clean railcars to conform with DOT empty standards.

Our advanced high-pressure cleaning system allows us to dispose of even trace waste in your railcar. It will go into the kiln, just like all the rest of your waste.

Of course, it's not all about the equipment. It's about the professionals, too. We have an experienced, professional team who are experts at removing petroleum solids and hardened contaminated materials. We can also dispose of hardened sludgy material residue, or the residue from higher-hazard, off-spec chemicals.

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