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Why Work With Cadence Environmental Energy?

We take the hassle out of doing business. We believe nobody can save customers more or provide better service than we can ... period. Give us a call at 219-879-0371 and we'll get the ball rolling ... fast ... and you'll be on your way to cost-saving, state of the art waste disposal the Cadence way!

Chem-Fuel® successfully navigated every one of these processes, proving itself as a viable alternative for heating cement kilns and blast furnaces. We have our own cement factory right on-site, which simplifies the waste transport and disposal process, reducing liabilities and ensuring 100% waste disposal for every customer.

Today, this lets us offer an inexpensive waste management solution.


Industries Served


We've been especially helpful to the oil and gas industry. Our Ash Grove, AR location is highly accessible to refineries in the Gulf states. This allows us to cut your transportation costs.The Ash Grove Foreman kiln provides the perfect combustion environment for your refinery sludges and solids.We serve other industries as well including municipalities, general manufacturers, and chemical manufacturers. Chem-Fuel® helps industries both large and small reach their sustainability and compliance goals.

Our in-house laboratories ensure we can perform for you before we begin transporting the waste off of your property. Many types of waste are entirely compatible, including:

//cadenceenviron.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/icon-1.pngKO50 Heat Exchanger
Bundle Sludge

FO37 FO38 Oil/Water/Solids
Separation Sludge

KO48 DAF Float

KO50 Heat Exchanger
Bundle Sludge

K169 Crude Oil Storage
Tank Sediment

KO51 API Separator

Paint Solvents

Solid Wastes.

Cleaning Solvents

We offer full and fast waste profiling services, too.

Reducing emissions has become an important
priority for cement kilns around the world.

Cadence developed a variety of combustion techniques that have been implemented around the world since the 1970s. cement plant using Cadence technology.

Gone For Good

Kiln temperatures exceed 2600 degrees Fahrenheit. This effectively gets rid of 100% of the waste and 100% of your liabilities.

Your waste becomes Chem-Fuel, an alternate fuel that replaces fossil fuels pound for pound in the Ash Grove Foreman kiln. Chem-Fuel helps to produce the world's most important building product ... cement.

We make it easy for you to save money on disposal costs. Call Cadence now and we'll help you get started.


A USA Company

When you work with Cadence you're helping to support American jobs. Our sales and technical professionals are located close by ready to provide you with second-to-none customer service.

Technical Sales & Support
- The Woodlands, TX

Financial & Administrative Services
- Michigan City, IN

Customer Service & Laboratory Services
- - Ash Grove, AR & Chanute, Kansas.

We've established nationwide partnerships to serve you better.

Put your waste to work today

Call (936) 242-1008


Cadence Corporate Offices

Cadence Environmental Energy
One Cadence Park Plaza
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone 219.879.0371 - Fax 219.879.0390
Attn: Sue Soulcheck

National Sales Headquarters

Cadence Environmental Energy
2219 Sawdust Road - Suite 1505
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Phone 936.242.1008 - Fax 936.242.1257
Attn: Lisa Lopez or Michelle Torres

Foreman Laboratory

Cadence Technical Services Laboratory
4454 Highway 108 W.
Foreman, AR 71836
Phone 870.542.3093
Attn: Sherry Mason

Chanute Laboratory

Cadence Technical Services Laboratory
1801 North Santa Fe St.
Chanute, KS 66720
Phone 620.431.1750
Attn: Michelle Godfrey

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